As the Interim General Manager, I was in charge of facilitating (liaison between owner and operator) the transition from a privately owned Hotel into an International group managed property (reflagging exercise).

In addition to the above, I was responsible for both day-to-day operation of this large (325 units) business Hotel in West Africa (with mix business use of Rooms, Suites and Apartments), as well as smoothening the path for an as seamless as possible transition into a 5* branded product. 


“Marcel is a clear thinking, no-nonsense Executive Director with very strong leadership and team-building skills. He has an inclusive and collaborative management approach, encouraging and empowering his direct reports to take responsibility. At the same time, Marcel is always alert to any shortcomings in ability and experience and is quick to provide necessary support. Marcel has excellent “presence” and is comfortable at both Board level and at the physical work-face.”

Paul Lowndes