Lagos Continental Hotel, Nigeria

I have had the distinct pleasure to get to know Marcel as GM at ‘Hotel Rwanda’. Under his tenure, the hotel became more lively, welcoming and increasingly the place to be for an evening out. Live music, well-trained staff and a cozy pool-side bar made the difference as well as the energetic presence of Marcel himself. 

I had the pleasure to later on stay at the Bujumbura Golf Hotel, where Marcel had become GM. It became once again clear that he had not lost his touch. I warmly recommend Marcel Brekelmans as General Manager of your hotel.

Frans Makken,
Ambassador to Rwanda (2008-2012)


Hotel 2 Fevrier, Lomé, Togo

“Marcel Brekelmans is a clear thinking, no-nonsense Executive Director with very strong leadership and team-building skills. He has an inclusive and collaborative management approach, encouraging and empowering his direct reports to take responsibility. At the same time, Marcel is always alert to any shortcomings in ability and experience and is quick to provide necessary support. Marcel has excellent “presence” and is comfortable at both Board level and at the physical work-face.”

Paul Lowndes

Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire

“On Bonaire, Marcel (HIM4Hotels) has a reputation of fast acting manager. Even though he is in charge of some decisions that will not make him the most favourite person right now, I am sure that in the long term, he will help build a stable and healthy work environment for employees and stability for their families.”

Newspaper article on Island development


OneOcean Club Barcelona 

“The extent of Marcel’s experience managing some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands makes him ideally suited to provide leadership, to develop operating budgets, to set standards for the highest level of customer relations and, perhaps most importantly, to bring the marina and our yachting guests an unparalleled level of sophistication.”

“His diverse background and ability to communicate in five languages – Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish – make Marcel the perfect candidate to manage the intricacies of Marina Port Vell.”

Uri Nachoom
Vice Chairman of Salamanca Group


Hotel des Mille Collines ‘Hotel Rwanda’ 

“I have found Marcel to be highly organized, diligent, self-confident, articulate, dependable and efficient. He managed the hotel as his own business, highly successful with new ideas to increase sales in all areas.”  

“Marcel is well capable of achieving any goal the sets his mind to. Marcel’s ability to quickly take on new responsibilities added tremendous value to Hotel Des Mille Collines.”

Erwin Schnitzler
Chairman of Hotel Des Mille Collines


Taba Sands Hotel, Egypt

“Our hotel was located within meters of the Egyptian/Israeli border and originally built as a shopping mall. Mr. Brekelmans was chosen as GM because of his proven track record in hotel management, his skills in setting up and applying new procedures and for his positive ‘can achieve’ attitude.”

“He recruited staff for all departments, wrote detailed procedures, and created a corporate identity. Despite setbacks, Mr. Brekelmans has achieved a large proportion of what he set out to do. Within the tight constraints on this project, he attained a high standard.”

Timothy Fulstow
Member of board of directors, Powerful Investments Limited

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